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The Thought Finder range takes a practical approach to philosophy and psychology, centring wellness and growth as core goals in everything we do. Our aim is to provide you with the tools you need to improve your experience of life at every stage of it. For as long as you are searching, we will be by your side, a community of thought finders sharing advice and insight gleaned from shared success, failure, and perseverance.

Our teleological approach to life treats the artistic and scientific study of happiness and success as our means, not our ends. Our intent is not, and will never be, to replace lasting personal progress with a study of why that progress is seemingly impossible. Understanding is key, and the Thought Finder range strives to combine the depth and approachability of artistic expression with the thorough methodology of scientific enquiry, but that understanding must be – like everything under the Thought Finder umbrella – a tool of healing and positive change. We will never ask you to painstakingly study your wounds; we will help you heal them.

Our suite of literature and products is always growing and includes the enlightening poetry anthology Ten Thousand Steps, the non-fiction philosophical thesis The Stories Our Emotions Speak, and The Never-Ending Storytellers, a poetry/prose mind map designed as the ultimate introspective tool.

Whether you’ve been a fellow thought finder for years or you’re just beginning your journey, what you’re looking for is here, and we’re committed to helping you find it.

10,000 Steps

10,000 Steps

10,000 STEPS

Ten Thousand Steps, the debut collection of poetry from The Thought Finder collaborators, is a deeply personal treatise on the nature of the individual and the web of synchronicity that surrounds us. Intended to be read in any order, the collection arrays itself not as a single path to enlightenment, but as a constellation of destinations and possible connections. It’s a mosaic of ideas and emotional revelations that encourages the reader to forge their own path and take a conscious ownership of both their reading experience and their beliefs.

Written in tandem with the non-fiction The Stories Our Emotions SpeakTen Thousand Steps is a deliberately kaleidoscopic text which shifts in the hands and mind. Relationships, family, and romance are examined from unexpected angles, the prism of selfhood suggesting questions and shining light on the answers. The authors explore the connections they have made, lost, and failed to make; the nature of the past and its place in the present; and the reality of individual being in a tumultuous universe. Challenging and expanding the senses and the soul, Ten Thousand Steps is a tool of introspection, the myriad potential connections between each poem creating an individual experience for every reader. It’s a collection that can never be read the same way twice, and one that encourages and supports constant self-exploration and growth.

A flagship title of The Thought Finder 
series, Ten Thousand Steps invites you on a unique journey to a destination only you will recognise. Through thick forests and up tall mountains, this collection is a steadfast companion, luxuriating in the light without shying away from the dark. Welcoming, probing, and unflinchingly honest, there has never been a better tool or chance to take stock of your life.

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The Never Ending Storytellers



You’re ready for life to get better, but you don’t know where to start. Every time you try to figure out the root of your problems – the obligations you need to escape, the relationships you need to let go of, the beliefs you need to change – you find yourself back at the start, treading a seemingly endless path to nowhere. You’re trapped in a never-ending story of what your life’s about, and you are the never-ending storyteller.

Becoming something else, and stopping the narratives of fear, doubt, and control, depends on understanding how the story began and how it can end. To do that, you’ll need a never-ending tool – a guide to life’s journey that’s different every time you pick it up, responsive to your ever-changing needs and experiences. The Never-Ending Storytellers is that tool.

Mixing poetry and prose, The Never-Ending Storytellers is a revolutionary hybrid of self-help and philosophy, intended to be read in a non-linear fashion. Sections can be read in any order, in part or in whole, offering infinite pathways to constantly evolving truths. Defined and redefined by the continuous experience of reading, this is a book that can help you chart the repeating patterns of harmful, never-ending narratives and reveal the ways you can consciously change your perspective and your world.

A flagship title of the Thought Finder series, The Never-Ending Storytellers offers limitless potential through a malleable, adaptive form. Each reading offers new insights and new vistas, creating a resource that’s both immediately useful and a long-term necessity, wherever you are in your journey. Open the book, choose a page, and embrace the understanding you’ve been waiting for.

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The Stories Our Emotions Speak

The Stories our Emotions Speak - The Thought Finder


For many of us, the question of how to improve our life goes hand-in-hand with the knowledge that we have to find the answers for ourselves. If that’s how you feel, you’re not alone, and while no-one can take the difficult journey towards change for you, they can offer the tools to make it easier. The Stories Our Emotions Speak is one of those tools, compiled by The Thought Finder collaborators with all the expertise, experience, and insight they’ve earned in their own journeys towards a healthier outlook and more enhanced perception of the world and the people around them.

Written in tandem with the poetry anthology Ten Thousand StepsThe Stories Our Emotions Speak offers the mental equipment needed to deconstruct and reassess your view of causality, consequence, and the underpinnings of your personal happiness. Far from acting as lecturers or drill sergeants, The Thought Finder collaborators offer themselves as fellow travellers, well-versed in the difficult climbs and perilous drops that pepper your emotional journey through life.

Deliberately probing the line between reader and writer, The Stories Our Emotions Speak lays out an alternative philosophy based on personal investigation and observable fact. Intended for questioning readers of every age and background, it’s a book that asks hard questions. Why don’t you receive the support you need? Why do your goals seem so far out of reach? Why do you seem trapped in the same patterns of behaviour and results? If you’re ready for them, the answers are inside, and the cycles you long to escape are yours to recognise and discard.

A flagship title of The Thought Finder series, The Stories Our Emotions Speak is a book you may never be truly finished reading. Insightful, personal, and truly revelatory, by the final page, you’ll understand that you haven’t found it by accident.

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Perspectives Book


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